Butler Township Road MaintenanceButler Township’s Roads Department maintains 52 miles of township-owned roadways, which includes more than 125 streets throughout the township.

The road crew, which includes Roadmaster Charles Altmiller, a working road foreman and others, handles duties such as road paving, line painting, street sweeping, berm work, pipe repair, park maintenance and road plowing. The department’s fleet of vehicles includes a backhoe, loader, paver, street sweeper, roller, bucket truck and dump trucks that are capable of tasks such as paving, plowing, street sweeping and excavating.

Each township road has a right of way, which means the township has a legal right of passage over someone else’s land and the strip of land over which a public road has been built. The right of way, which begins at the center line of the road, varies from 33 feet on smaller streets to 50 feet on larger streets.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the township right of way and should not build anything in that area. Property owners must contact the township office when installing, repairing or altering a driveway that sits on or crosses a township right of way.

During winter weather, Butler Township road crews will work their hardest to keep township roads open and passable. However, that may be difficult during times of heavy snowfall or high winds. In cases such as those, plowing may be temporarily suspended until snowfall rates or wind speeds decrease.

To help ensure that snow removal is as efficient as possible, residents and visitors should park their vehicles in garages, driveways or parking lots and not on township roads.

If grass is damaged by a plow, township crews will try to repair the damaged areas in the spring.

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